In a poll bound Bihar, Rahul Gandhi is all set to address a virtual rally: Ajay Kapoor


In a bid to revive the electoral fortunes of Congress in Bihar, Rahul Gandhi will address a virtual rally. Apprising the media of the Congress preparedness for the Bihar assembly election, Party’s election incharge and national secretary Ajay Kapoor said that from 1 to 21st September, Congress will conduct 100 virtual rallies throughout the state. Speaking further on campaign strategy he said that the party has also planned a virtual rally of the Rahul Gandhi which will be attended by more than 5 lakh people.

Taking a jibe at current NDA government in the state, Kapoor alleged that the government has failed on every front whether it is Corona or recent floods. Stroking claims of congress revival in recent elections, Ajay Kapoor said that the people of Bihar wants change and are looking towards congress. Party workers and leaders will fight for the people with full vehement.

Elaborating further on the virtual rallies he said that each such rally will be addressed by two national leaders, five state leaders and 10 district level leaders. To mobilise masses for this program a miss call campaign will also be launched.

On the question of seat distribution in grand alliance, he reiterated that it is upto high command to decide on such matters.

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